RANTS of an Immigrant

RANTS of an Immigrant


PRESENTPosted by Cristina 14 Jun, 2017 04:19PM

I can't help but have tears in my eyes as I keep reading how people's desperation unfolded last night in London. As a mother reading how people were throwing their children out of the window and screaming for someone to save them...

A baby was thrown out of the 9th/10th floor and caught by someone on the ground - kudos to you sir.

This could've been prevented!!!

People need to start doing the jobs they are paid to do and stop ticking boxes.

I couldn't care less if current regulations allow for the use of some materials... as a surveyor or builder or whatever the fuck you are, you should know that if the regulations said it was ok to kill a child it still wouldn't be ok, so, why are you making these decisions which cost people their lives???

I had a manager like that once. A complete incompetent putz who only cared about ticking the box and getting his... I told him what I thought, did things according to my conscience and eventually left the job as the price of my soul is much, much greater than a poorly paid status job.

What about you? What is the price for your soul?