RANTS of an Immigrant

RANTS of an Immigrant

Being Wrong and Being Missinformed

PRESENTPosted by Cristina 14 Jun, 2017 12:30PM
I feel I need to say a few words.
Not the best start to any sentence or any conversation and certainly not in order to open a dialogue; these are words often said before an argument or a RANT and with that being said, here it goes.

My political affiliations in this country mean squat and when I say squat I mean didly squat!!! This is because as an Immigrant I can't vote - not in much that matter to me anyway, but that is an entirely different rant.
I mentioned my lack of political affiliations only out of a desire not to be publicly flogged as I am about to irritate a few people, hopefully not as much as I am irritated by them.


Let's just put that out there. People are allowed to be wrong and they are allowed to be right, they are even allowed to be one and think they are the other.

I believe in "live and let live" and political, social and scientific discussion which drives progress but... and there is a big BUT as always...

YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE MISINFORMED and still be wrong, thinking you are right and believing everyone else is wrong and belittle them for it!!!

This is indeed the misinformation age, one where information right, wrong, opinion based, hate based and purely troll created is readily available everywhere and anywhere anytime and all the time.
It is increasingly difficult to sift through what was meant to inform us and keep us on top of the news, the political landscape and the world in general as most of us don't understand most of it anyway, and the bits we do understand are tainted with our own opinions and those of contradictory experts who arrive at different conclusions with exactly the same evidence available to them.

YOU, however, as a sane human, cannot read the tittle of a newspaper article and come up with an insult nigh instantly and feel you are now clever 'cause you read the paper, when that paper is a sensationalist load of crap with evocative tittles designed to MISinform the feeble and lazy minded such as yourself who wasn't capable of reading the article only to understand the title is not even remotely related and overly misinterpreted out of context.

I will leave you with the example that prompted this - and to which my intro applies. I read someone (a person from my country, I'll just come right out and say it) insulting the PM because of the following example and have an actual discussion on social media about how she should be shot or put in prison for this or something of the sort; This is the second time this matter has crossed my social networking pages, and my temper, in the same amount of weeks.

Theresa May is accused of threatening to use nuclear strikes which would kill hundreds of thousands of innocent man, women and children.

She was asked this question in Parliament and that was her answer more or less verbatim. She offered her quick YES answer and went on to briefly say that the point of a deterrent is for the "enemies" to believe that we could and would use it as a country.


Sure, let's tell the enemies of the "free world / western world", whatever denomination you prefer, that it's ok to nuke us, we wouldn't feel ok with nuking them as they also have innocent people in their country!!! There's a strategy you clever, clever people!!!

That question was either a very stupid one, or a very cleverly put one as she had no possible way of escaping serious backlash whatever her answer and the newspaper titles would either read as they did or "THERESA MAY ENDANGERS COUNTRY, SAYS ITS OK TO NUKE THE UK"...


Let me know what you think about this - not the nuking but the principle behind the post. B good, B well, B happy