ADULTINGPosted by Cristina Jul 04, 2017 04:47PM
So, as it's somewhat transparent I want to be a lawyer.

A criminal barrister I believe but I don't have my heart set on it, it's what I feel and criminal law seems certainly like an interesting and tangent path to take as well as advocacy is not something I feel I want to desist of.

There are however, issues.
I hear barristers and solicitors saying why they didn't go into criminal practice and it's mostly because they fell into other areas or didn't want to have people's freedoms in their hands. Every now and again they will tell you there is no money in criminal so their choice was one of a more commercially applicable nature.

These are not my issues.

I was recently called to be a witness in a trial;
This was involving someone I knew the family of. This was not an issue. As an court interpreter the setting isn't exactly new nor are the ways in which questions are put to witnesses by barristers; it was more intimidating of course as I was there in my own capacity and not just to parrot what some other witness was saying but it went really well.
The defendant was found guilty. This became an issue.

(I won't address my personal opinions of the case being referred, this is not the subject of my issue, even though I didn't necessarily agree with the verdict, the defence lawyers approach or the jury's overall performance)

My issue was of a less personal matter and one which saw me defend the law, the courts, the lawyers and judges and the overall process in which the law acts.
I played the devil's advocate.

With this I seem to have an issue.

Defendant, convicted and sentenced. The sentence was really harsh on the family and on my view not very fair; it seemed to scream out "I'll make an example out of you" but on the law... I am finding there were less than perfect happenings but not mistakes as it were.

And this brings about more issues.

One side of me wants to use this quite real experience to practice how would I scrutinise this and look st it from a lawyer going for an appeal; This side of me is looking at so many technicalities and ways in which there could've been trip ups and not well applied procedures... this side of me I am sure is set to be a great advocate and would make a lot of money defending anyone who could pay for the effort of deconstructing every minute of every hearing from plea to sentencing...
This is one of the issues.

The other side of me wants to just look at the overall development and be sure there were no gross mistakes and move on from the search and separate the fact that the people who were the accused were complete ass***** (swapped blanking hahaha) and acted in bad faith when telling their version of events from the one who understands that the jury had the information that was presented to them and no other and came to a conclusion allowed to them.

The main issue though is still the one where I am forced to take a side. I owe some loyalty to this defendant, or their family more precisely, and when it comes to that I am a straight person. My loyalties don't disappear with adversity, if anything, they manifest themselves in a more obvious manner.

(As I mentioned, my personal opinion on the case is not of relevance here.)

I don't owe loyalties to other though. I owe loyalty to myself and my own feelings and beliefs and the moment I feel I owe loyalty to the Law. There is so much cynicism one can possess when wanting to be a Lawyer, if one wants to concurrently be a decent human being.

I understand the Law involved, the process involved and the need for this process and it is imperfect but it is what it is and absolutely defensible and justifiable; It is a process which works in its majority and exists to enable us to live in the society we do.



In reading law I took the stance from very early that my own opinion cannot be gold and I have to hear and understand other and varied points of view. I have to analyse the hows and whys if I am to succeed in understanding the law and of course in applying it.

I now have hurt and disappointed people that have been let down, as far as they can see it and feel it, by this law I have grown to love more and more even if, as opposite to a teen crush but more like a long term relationship is filled with holes and flaws and threatens to disappoint at every turn but it keeps giving and giving enough and more to keep your love alive.

Divisions suck when you have good sense and the ability to understand them even if they are diametrically opposed. (and yes, "suck" is the best literary term I can find to describe the feeling, not a lack of vocabulary).