WORK HARD Hardly PlayPosted by Cristina Jun 20, 2017 04:07PM
So... I chose a sandwich course in straight law.

No, this is not some dirty euphemism I learned with someone barely older than my son it means that in the middle of my degree there is a 1 year placement with a law firm - for those of us lucky, or maybe not, to get one and the straight part means it's a law degree, not law with criminology, European law or law with Simpsons studies.

I am one of the lucky ones to have gotten a placements.


Sort of.

I love the company I got my placement with, its not only a respected (and even feared by competitors) company but it is a down to earth one with people in it, real people.

The sort of part comes from two other issues. Firstly, a degree is taking me a year longer (why the hell would I do that?!) and secondly, I have referred exams I didn't sit in the first place and am now having to work full time with over 2hrs commuting everyday and prepare for the upcoming exams, smack bang in the middle of my holiday time (seems there were 3 complaints after all).

Oh well, "complaining on a full stomach" as mum would say - it just means you're dissing the food only after you've stuffed your face with it, as in if you did it before you might've not gotten any...

Placement is going well, I thought the weekends were going to be longer since there seems there was not much studying to do for the first few weeks, I could clock off on Friday and only clock in on Monday morning, but the freaking things seems to be smaller than an evening... who was the smart ass that invented 2 day weekends? I'd like a word please.

Evenings are not as long as expected either, even when it's daylight for nearly 20hours of the day!
Having to cook and clean and catch up with the children and their lives and the other half and his life... friends get nearly no time and the rest of the family seem to get even less. No extended family around, no mum to help with the ironing, other half allergic to the ironing board and the hoover and no money to pay a butler and a cook mean longer days after clocking out than whilst actually getting paid.

But I don't complain; I only offer observations. At some point it should be the case that I have actually completed my degree and work will surely increase, post grad and post post grad duties will certainly make it increase again so I feel it's good prep.

It's good prep to get used to not having time for the family, friends, gym, Netfix, drinking...

I feel not having time to do these things makes us want to do them more and enjoy them more hence, it makes us work harder to anable us, if we are lucky, to be in that place where we can choose how much we work and then do all of those things and more.

It seems pretty moronic to me, but it sounds like a plan and a much better one than the alternative.

Study and work hard to work, work to enjoy or don't work hard and only work... FOREVER!!!

Also, I need caffeine so this post isn't making much sense now.

Work hard everyone, one day, you'll hardly work!